The Season is Over (TSiO) is three degenerates and a mystical horse bringing you the ups and downs of Husky recruiting. It's hard. You should try answering our emails for a day. If you can't handle the ups and downs, we suggest you find a new hobby.

You are probably wondering what kind of people, or animals, spend their time this way. To be honest, that's fair.


International Recording Superstar


Softdrink Elitist

Spirit Horse

Metaphysical Voyager

You might be asking yourself, "but what can TSIO really offer me besides the eventual destruction of my personal relationships on grounds I don't really have an argument for?" We are glad you asked.


Do you like 2 hour podcasts about Washington’s strength and conditioning program? Sucks if you don’t, TSiO brings you the most content about things that actually matter in college football.

Weekly Previews

Want to know exactly why Washington will lose? We’ll break down every conceivable possibility from the offense, to the offense.

Player Evaluations

Nobody stalks teen boys like TSiO. We’ll share with you our rigorous and exhaustive prospect scores, which we evaluate on a scale of 1-3.

Game Grades

You’ve read other “experts” evaluate game film, now read ours. Only TSiO can tell you which players are actively keeping Washington from a national championship.


  • The Season is Over has provided my family with invaluable confidence and insight into the direction of my son’s recruitment process. It became immediately clear that neither he, my wife, nor myself wanted him anywhere near the people posting on this message board or representing this university. On one hand, we were told to die in a fire multiple times and that “Dennis could still run a better 40 than our son with 34 rods in his legs” (we didn’t know what this meant). But, on the other hand, eliminating Washington from my son’s top 15 list this early will save us all some peace of mind come January. Overall, a positive experience.

    Anonymous Parent
  • I hate recruiting and I read this board daily.

    Race Bannon
    Professional Contractor
  • The Season is Over Big Board has given me and my staff a much needed boost in our recruiting efforts. They have made it easier than ever to identify at least 50 recruits we want to focus on in any upcoming cycle. I can say with confidence that any prospect on the TSiO board is someone my assistants should be driving around drunk or hopefully putting in the hospital sometime down the road.

    Anonymous Oregon Head Coach
    Head Coach
  • Shit site, shit writers.

    Sven Thorsson
    Internet Critic

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